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Source :   Internal MALB Compiled Data

What Is A Land Bank?

A land bank is a public authority created to hold, manage, and develop tax delinquent, vacant, and dilapidated and other properties.Land banks act as a legal and financial mechanism to transform vacant, abandoned, and tax-foreclosed property back to a productive use. In addition, a land bank is a powerful locational incentive that encourages redevelopment in distressed, blighted communities that generally have little available land. The Metro Atlanta Land Bank revitalizes blighted neighborhoods with direct reinvestment back into the Atlanta and Fulton County neighborhoods to support their long-term growth.

How Does the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Work?


Title to tax delinquent, vacant, abandoned, dilapidated, and other properties which it will in turn inventory, classify, manage, maintain, protect, rent, lease, repair, insure, alter, sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise dispose of under appropriate terms and conditions



Past due tax liens held by Fulton County and the City of Atlanta to facilitate the return of properties to productive use.


non-revenue generating, non-tax producing property to a productive use in order to support the creation of market and affordable housing, public space, new industry, and jobs for the citizens of the City and County.

Our Most Viewed Properties

755 Coleman St SW

Atlanta , GA - 30310

0 Janice Dr

Atlanta, GA - 30344

1839 Moore St NW

Atlanta, GA - 30318

1002 Smith St SW

Atlanta , GA - 30310

1081 Sims St

Atlanta , GA - 30310

0 Foundry St

Atlanta , GA - 30314

1018 McDaniel St SW

Atlanta , GA - 30310

873 Eugenia Pl #4

Atlanta , Ga - 30318

1354 Memorial Drive Southeast

Atlanta , Ga - 30317

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Land Banking Depository

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    A land bank is a public authority created to hold, manage, and develop tax delinquent, vacant, abandoned, dilapidated, and other properties.

    If you click “our properties”, you can filter our inventory to show you only what interests you by: Clicking in the search bar and then clicking “filters” next to the search bar
    1. Select the neighborhood, zip, or property classification such as residential/commercial/industrial or any other criteria you want to search by. If you don’t have specifics, skip to step 3
      • Improved means it has a structure on it for rehab and vacant means it’s a lot.
    1. Scroll to “property status” click inside the box and select “available” and then click “apply” to see inventory within your specifications or our entire inventory if you did not make any other selections.

        • Our current inventory is mostly vacant lots available through our Sheriff/Marshall deed program. You can learn more about the program and the application process here. Basically, you must get the property appraised and the cost is 40% of that value. In addition, it is highly recommended that you do the quiet title work (get a title company to run a report to see if there are any outstanding liens on the property + pay them) to obtain full ownership of the property.
      • All other properties are sold as-is by way of a traditional closing.
    1. Once you identify a desired property, click the address which is a hyperlink. In the top right corner, select “apply for this property”.
      • That takes you to the ePropertyPlus portal where you must create a log-in and password. From there, you can access the application and can submit it via that portal as well.
               Click here to see our inventory.

    The Land Banking Depository Program is limited to non-profit or governmental entities. For-profits may participate via joint venture as minority partner. Entities must complete an application and upon staff recommendation, the MALB Board of Directors approves the Land Banking relationship.

    Once the Board approves, a formal Land Banking Agreement is drawn up between the entity and the MALB. The Agreement details the responsibilities and mechanics of the relationship. Once the Agreement is in place, the entity will transfer title to MALB. Property maintenance and insurance are provided by MALB, thereby minimizing violations of housing and building codes and public nuisances on properties to be developed for affordable housing.

    The holding costs for insurance, property maintenance and solid waste fees are absorbed by the granting entity. Payments are made to the MALB in real time and the property is tax-exempt during the banking period.

    Metro Atlanta Land Bank's Process​

    Working Process 1
    You Apply

    You Apply

    Working Process 2
    Internal Review Process

    Internal Review Process

    Working Process 3
    Contact Applicant

    Contact Applicant

    Working Process 4
    Board Approval

    Board Approval

    Working Process 5


    Working Process 6
    Return Property To Productive Status

    Return Property To Productive Status

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