The Metro Atlanta Land Bank is a mission-driven organization that identifies delinquent and dilapidated properties and works to convert them to properties with a productive use for the community.

The MALB establishes strategic relationships with housing partners and holds developers accountable. The MALB focuses on revitalizing properties in underdeveloped and underutilized communities and leveraging our power to provide opportunities that benefit the community. We are driven by providing opportunities for local, small, and medium-sized developers/nonprofits/ community development corporations to shape the communities in which they live, work, and play.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to acquire the title to tax delinquent, vacant, abandoned, dilapidated, and other types of properties and work to get them transformed into mixed market rate housing, green spaces, and other productive uses for the community.

We inventory, maintain, lease, repair, sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of acquired properties to facilitate the return of these properties to a productive use. We also have the ability to extinguish past-due tax liens allowing developers to keep their costs low when developing affordable housing. All of our efforts support the creation of market and affordable housing, public space, new industry, and jobs for the citizens of the City and County. 
Vibrant Communities


Affordable Housing


Economic Opportunities


Our Staff

Christopher Norman

Executive Director

Elizabeth Roberts

Internal General Counsel
Senior Program Director

Terica Bashir

Program Director

Kimberly White

Vacant Property Manager

Rhonda Corporal

Office Manager

Our Board Members

Janis L. Ware

City Of Atlanta
3/18/19 - 3/17/23

Kate Little

Vice Chair
City Of Atlanta
3/18/19 - 3/17/23

Michelle Nelson

City Of Atlanta
5/1/17- 4/30/21

Petrina Howard

City Of Atlanta
12/7/20 - 12/6/24

Vacant-Appointment Pending

Vacant-Appointment Pending

Vacant-Appointment Pending

Our Land Banking Partners

Our General Partners

Our Vendors

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